Freakout Guitars: Freakout!!! (LP) 1966

Freakout Guitars
Premier 9006
circa 1966  


Recommended ****




Now we’re talking, all instrumental set, covers and originals, none of it really in that freakout style, instead cool sleepwalking numbers and the others more in a 1950s’ style, the latter with sax, likely not even the same band or recording date.  Great stuff!!!



IMG_3854  IMG_3855

Dino, Desi, & Billy: Our Time’s Coming

Dino, Desi, & Billy
Our Time’s Coming

Reprise 6194
Rating:**** (Recommended)



 Second set from these inbred Hollywood brats, definitely their best, produced by Hazlewood, arranged by Strange, engineered by Bones Howe.  Musicians include Don Randi, Al Casey…


Side one is great, the brats stealing from the Stones, the Beatles and the Beach Boys.


 The flipside is a bit disappointing but features some highlights.


 Almost-classic bubblegum set.

— Winch

Bob Kuban & the In-Men: Look Out For the Cheater (Album) 1966

Bob Kuban & the In-Men 
Look Out For the Cheater
Musicland Records 3500
Produced and Arranged by Mel Friedman


Recommended ****

Mostly known for the title track that opens this sole album from this one-hit St. Louis outfit, the set doesn’t really begin until they get through that number, the album featuring several cuts that put the title track to shame, including some convincing covers of R&B classics, a pair of rocking versions of soundtrack themes (Virginia Wolfe and Batman), and perhaps the first version of Hazlewood’s “These Boots Were Made For Walking” told from the male point of view, all of this punched home with horns, guitar, organ and of course a driving rhythm.  The sound is a bit of a throwback, as much R&B as 1966 garage rock, the band sounding like they’re taking their cues from Stax, JB, and Ike.





For the title track and some of the other more low-key cuts, Curtis Mayfield appears to be the main influence.




This is a varied set but it’s a worthwhile listen if you can find it.  (Heck, the cover is almost worth the price of admission.)


Winch (author of Kalamazoo: Growing Up Sideways in the 1970s and the two-part novel Junk Like That.)

Motor City Jailbait: Junk Like That (Book One): A Coming of Age Novel Set in Detroit in the 1970s    Kalamazoo: Growing Up Sideways in the 1970s

Girl Group 1966

girl group
Classic sides

s e l e c t i v e
(selected by winch)






“Bobby Is My Baby” (J. Bishop)
Barbara Mason (Philadelphia)     Arctic (120B)     1966

“Sweet Talkin’ Guy” (Greenburg/Morris)
The Chiffons (New York)     Laurie (3340A)     1966.

“Only When You’re Lonely” (Williams/Irwin/Schuster)
The Royalettes (Baltimore)     MGM (13451B)     1966

Love (band) Essential

Essential LOVE

(90 Minute Tape)


“My Little Red Book” (Bacharach/David)
“Can’t Explain” (Lee/Echols/Fleckenstein)
“A Message to Pretty” (Arthur Lee)
“My Flash On You” (Lee)
“Emotions” (Lee)
“You I’ll Be Following” (Lee)
“Gazing” (Lee)
“Hey Joe” (Valenti)
“Signed D.C.” (Lee)
Love       Elektra 4001     July 1966

cool Love cover:
“Signed D.C.”/”Hey Joe”
Dead Moon (Clackamas, Oregon)  Live Evil  1990


“Revelation” (Lee, MacLean, Echols, Forssi)
“Stephanie Knows Who” (Lee)
“Orange Skies” (MacLean)
“Que Vida!” (Lee)
“Seven & Seven Is” (Lee)
“The Castle” (Lee)
“She Comes in Colors” (Lee)
Da Capo 
     Elektra 4005     February 1967



“Alone Again Or” (MacLean)
“A House is Not a Motel” (Lee)
“The Daily Planet” (Lee)
“Maybe the People Would Be The Times or Between
 Clark and Hilldale” (Lee)
“Live and Let Live” (Lee)
“Bummer in the Summer” (Lee)
Forever Changes      Elektra 4013     January 1968



cool Love cover:
“Alone Again Or”
UFO (London)  Light’s Out  1977  



compiled by Winch (author of Kalamazoo: Growing Up Sideways in the 1970s and the two-part novel Junk Like That)

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Kimio Eto: Sound of the Koto (LP) 1966

Sound of the Koto
World Pacific WP-1439
Producer: Richard Bock
Rating:**** (Recommended)

Just Eto on the Koto but he fills the cuts with plenty of sounds, just the perfect amount actually, lots of sounds but enough space to allow the listener to breathe easy.

Obviously, this blind cat knew what he was doing.  Very cool, interesting and enjoyable, highly recommended for fans of Japanese music.

— winch

(author of Kalamazoo: Growing Up Sideways in the 1970s)

The Wailers: Out of Our Tree (LP) 1966

The Wailers
Out of Our Tree
Etiquette 026
Rating:***** (Good Shit)

Sixth album by this Tacoma outfit, their last for Etiquette, the band sporting their influences on their sleeves but delivering in their own raw style, laying down the foundation for punk rock, ripping through Memphis and Motown, Little Richard and the Beatles, slowing it down without any trouble, offering versions of “Summertime” and “Unchained Melody,” and really shining on a handful of originals.


The first side is solid, but the flipside is nothing short of killer.  While Little Richard, the Animals, the Who, and the Stones appear to be influences, the Wailers’ own take on R&B had to have a huge influence on bands such as MC5.  Classic NW garage rock.

— winch

(author of Kalamazoo: Growing Up Sideways in the 1970s)