Pink Lincolns (1988) Back From the Pink Room (LP)

Pink Lincolns

Back From the Pink Room


**** Recommended


Apparently raised on essential punk, from the cream of the crop of 80s HC to the beginnings in Detroit ’69, NYC ’75, London ’77…these Florida punks also blaze the way for the better side of what was coming with this debut long player from ’88.  Punk ROCK!

Betty Wright (1968) My First Time Around (LP) Atco 33-260

Betty Wright
My First Time Around
Atco 33-260
Produced & Arranged by Brad Shapiro and Steve Alaimo


Good Shit *****

Solid debut from this Florida 14-year-old soul sister.

As the shag zebra-striped outfit suggests, this album wasn’t bubblegum soul but rather a young girl singing like a woman of experience, the presentation making no apologies for the fact that this set is dripping like the dew on a waterbed.  Wright handles the material with ease, contributing one cut herself and making the others her own.  The backing band is in fine form, the arrangements wrapping around her vocals like a silk slip, Murcia snaking his guitar licks into the mix.

This includes all her first A and B sides, and plenty of other gems.  While some cuts are simply classic, the entire set is strong.  No filler this time around.

— winch