Dead Moon (1988) In the Graveyard (LP) Tombstone Records

Dead Moon
In the Graveyard
Tombstone Records
Produced by Fred Cole


Good Shit *****

Debut from this Clackamas outfit lead by Fred Cole, likely influenced by Greg Sage and Blue Cheer, obviously influenced by Link Wray and early Love, clearly coming out of the darker side of 1960s garage and acid rock, but making their own music their own way: rocking, raw and real.  Solid beginnings.

— winch

Dead Moon: Unknown Passage (LP) 1989

Dead Moon
Unknown Passage 
Tombstone T-25
Rating:***** (Good Shit)
When the dust of the decades settle, Portland’s contribution to rock-and-roll will be limited to one or two people, but this outfit from Clackamas should live on forever as a reminder of what rock-and-roll is all about.  This album is from the late 80s, but they go back to Cole’s 60s roots for inspiration, delivering an acid-rock garage sound, stripped down rock ‘n roll, the core of it all exposed like a bare wire, crackling and smoking like a fuse, focused and furious, covering the twenty-year-old “Time Has Come Today” as if it was written for them, the other cuts Cole originals.

While Moon’s excellent debut was a hard act to follow, this second set is even better.
— winch
(author of Kalamazoo: Growing Up Sideways in the 1970s)