my KODACHROME capturing THE last days of e.j.’S (portland, Oregon) circa ’99 or ’00…Where the stage was lower than the dance floor.  At least that’s how I remember it.  If it wasn’t, it shoulda been.  Some people are nostalgic about the days of E.J.’s, the glory days of portland, but that’s nonsense, girls talked like valley girls back then, it was always just a bunch of white people playing crappy music, kicking out the jams, charge forward like there’s no tomorrow, rockin’ and rollin’ like a freight train on a tight schedule…portland’s always had a few places to see some fun shows, they come and go, like E.J.’s.  They had signage SAYING “screw art, let’s dance!”  AND “please don’t eat out of dumpster (garbage is not food).”    maybe someone can identify this band but really I don’t give a rats ass.