The Growlers (2010 -2014)

This California outfit has managed to keep their oddball signature stew in tact while offering enough spice and variety to the recipe to keep it interesting.

Growlers. Hot Tropics. 2010. Everloving Records.  Second set from this California beach-goth band…surf garage hillbilly rhythm and blues…exotica Polynesian waves washing up on campfire meeting of cowboys, the Cramps, Hank Williams, Beefheart, Link Wray, Love and the Doors…more acoustic and less frantic than most California bands in a somewhat similar mode…more for driving through the desert or sitting around the bonfire than dancing the boogaloo at the dancehall…noteworthy 21st century garage.

Gilded Pleasures. 2013. Everloving Records.  This catches the beach-goth band in transition between the more raw sound of previous releases and the more polished sound of Chinese Fountain, the waves of surf, Asian and Polynesian washing over their cowboy hillbilly campfire.  This is a good place to start.

Chinese Fountain. 2014. Everloving Records. This California pull their signature sound into a tighter ball of yarn for a more clear-eyed pop version of their beach-goth garage rock, here an 80s influence showing, likely keeping most of their fans, losing a few and likely picking up some new ones who found the early work a bit too raw.

— winch (author of

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Agent Orange (Show)

I just came across photo and notes from a few years back…the mean jeans did it up again with the 25 minute blast, and then agent orange, who still had it, and kept it going into the A.m. hours.  I grabbed a few girls to protect me, covered the holes in my skull with my hand and dived into the madness…

@ Plan B.  JUNE 2011
four bands: 10 bucks
if you find your shirt splattered with blood and beer in the morning, you know you probably had a good time the night before.
— winch

The Phantom Surfers: Play the Music From the Big-Screen Spectaculars (LP) 1992

The Phantom Surfers

Play the Music From the Big-Screen Spectaculars

Estrus 076 
Released: 1992
Rating: **** (Recommended)



Frisco surf, this date featuring Trent “Big Drag” of the Mummies, all covers set.  Nothing new and completely derivative.  Cool.

— winch

The Scramblers: Cycle Psychos (Album) 1963

The Scramblers
Cycle Psychos
Crown CST 384
Good Shit *****



With the wave of surf music cresting, the Southern California kids jumped in their hot rods and revved off to explore other sports (Duane Eddy offering a set of waterski songs and in Colorado the Astronauts were downhill skiing), most of the California kids who stuck around for the party focusing on hot-rod rock.  And of course we had to have cycle rock which motored along very much in the same style.



This is perhaps the only album dedicated completely to this silly genre, half of the album featuring silly vocals, the other half coming out of the surf instrumental, here with motorcycle sound effects.



This was complete nonsense of course. what rock and roll is all about, what the Beatles killed with their watered-down version of American R&B.  Apparently, this is another Jerry Cole outing, simple as a two-stroke, one of the greatest album to ever come out of California.

— Winch (author of Kalamazoo: Growing Up Sideways in the 1970s and the two-part novel Junk Like That)