The Hunches (2002) Yes. No. Shut It. (LP) In the Red 093

The Hunches

Yes. No. Shut It. 


In the Red 093

Loud. Punk. Rock. And Roll.  Pressing the energy of their shows into vinyl for your listening pleasure …stomping outa all your garage idols…Stones, Saints, Sonics, Dolls, Brains…raw focused frenzy…rock and roll noise, hard as basement cement.

— winch

Huggy Bear (early 1990s) Taking the Rough with the Smooch (10″ LP) Kill Rock Stars (1993)

Huggy Bear

Taking the Rough with the Smooch 

Kill Rock Stars (1993)

Classic U.K. riot grrrl/boy punk…pissed off and raw stomp and spit, focused like a pistol, snatching up some of the pieces where folks like Crass  left off…this 10″ housing cuts from singles and EPs from the previous year or so.

Essential stuff for fans of girl punk.

— winch

La Misma (2016) Kanizadi (LP) estado tóx’co 023

Kickboxing with a pack of girls, endless rumpus stomp and jarring jabs, tons of fun and more than a little bit menacing, snapping at you in language you can’t understand (unless you’re maybe from Brazil or Portugal then maybe if they let you you can wrap your fingers around the fists and get some inside grin) snapping at the heels of some demons in a language any punk in the world is bound to understand.

It’s amazing to me that it’s the future now and people are still making kickass punk statements like this.

— winch

author of

Fuck Geez (1983 – 1992) Once Upon a Time There Was Fuck Geez (LP) Social Napalm Records

Fuck Geez

(1983 – 1992)

Once Upon a Time There Was Fuck Geez

Social Napalm Records

Anthology housing tons of essential cuts from this Japanese punk band…showing how a band can progress (not always a good thing with a punk band) over a decade without losing their punch…obviously influenced by 70s UK and USA punk and 80s USA HC but in traditional Japanese punk-style leaving most of the Caucasian competition in the dust as they take off from the get go, race down the blacktop and blast off to outer space.

Nonstop fun for any fan of loud fast punk rock…whether your bag is the Bad Brains, the Dictators or the raw and rockin version early U.K. Punk…or of course Japanese punk…you’re bound to get a big kick in pants from this collection.

— winch (author of

Child Support (1985) Come to Amerika (LP) neophyte records (Berkeley, CA)

Child Support

Come to Amerika


neophyte records (Berkeley, CA)

**** recommended

Punk from California, Sacramento perhaps…solid set likely influenced by the bands pushing hardcore into new directions (Husker Du…Big Boys…) and also perhaps influenced by the Wipers and Neil Young and the more interesting music of the mid 70s (Lou Reed, T. Rex and especially Ohio underground)…

…this group clearly delivering a message about the state of the States and trying to do something other than louder faster  without falling into some commercial new wave nonsense.

— winch