The Hunches (2002) Yes. No. Shut It. (LP) In the Red 093

The Hunches

Yes. No. Shut It. 


In the Red 093

Loud. Punk. Rock. And Roll.  Pressing the energy of their shows into vinyl for your listening pleasure …stomping outa all your garage idols…Stones, Saints, Sonics, Dolls, Brains…raw focused frenzy…rock and roll noise, hard as basement cement.

— winch

Gøggs (2016) S/T (LP) In the Red (290)


Segall’s latest project…raw hard garage stomp…fuzzy and scuzzy but focused as a shotgun jackhammer going to work on some hot black asphalt while a 38 year old hooker with handgun to temple goes to work on a forty year old mattress grinds out a two minute living to the sound of junkyard dog barking in the background.