The Wailers: Out of Our Tree (LP) 1966

The Wailers
Out of Our Tree
Etiquette 026
Rating:***** (Good Shit)

Sixth album by this Tacoma outfit, their last for Etiquette, the band sporting their influences on their sleeves but delivering in their own raw style, laying down the foundation for punk rock, ripping through Memphis and Motown, Little Richard and the Beatles, slowing it down without any trouble, offering versions of “Summertime” and “Unchained Melody,” and really shining on a handful of originals.


The first side is solid, but the flipside is nothing short of killer.  While Little Richard, the Animals, the Who, and the Stones appear to be influences, the Wailers’ own take on R&B had to have a huge influence on bands such as MC5.  Classic NW garage rock.

— winch

(author of Kalamazoo: Growing Up Sideways in the 1970s)

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