Girl Group 1964

girl group
Classic sides

s e l e c t i v e

(selected by winch)




“It’s Easier To Cry” (Steinberg/Jackson/DeAngelis) / “Remember (Walkin’ In The Sand)” (George Morton) The Shangri-Las (Queens)     RedBird (008)     1964

“Ain’t That Nice” (E.K. Johnson)
“Chapel Of Love” (Barry/Greenwich/Spector)
The Dixie Cups (New Orleans)     RedBird (001)     1964

“Goodnight Baby” (Greenwich/Barry/Venet)
The Butterflies     RedBird (009)     1964

“It Hurts To Be In Love” (Toomes/Dixon)
“Until You Were Gone” (Byers)
Betty Everett (Mississippi)     Vee-Jay (610)     1964

“Maybe” (George Goldner)
“Shout!” (Isley Bros.)
The Shangri-Las (New York)     RedBird (019)     1964

“Get Rid Of Him” (Howard Greenfield/Helen Miller)
Dionne Warwick     Sceptor     1964

“Give Him a Big Kiss” (George Morton)
The Shangri-Las (New York)     Red Bird     1964

“I Wanna Love You So Bad” (Jeff Barry/Ellie Greenwich)
The Jelly Beans (New Jersey)     Red Bird (003)     1964

“Southtown USA” (Sherrill)
“Why Don’t You Set Me Free?” (Everett)
The Dixiebelles (Tennessee)     London (HLU 9842)     1964

“What Shall I Do?” (Gladys Knight & The Pips)
Gladys Knight & the Pips (Atlanta)     Enjoy (2012A)     1964

“You Don’t Have To Be a Baby To Cry” (Merrill/Shand)
The Caravelles (England)     Smash (1852)     1964

“(You Can) Count On That” (Crewe, Calello)
Shirley Matthews and the Big Town Girls    Atlantic (45-2110)    1964

“Dooms Day” (Dixon/Covay)
The Shirelles (New Jersey)     Scepter (1278B)     1964

“People Say” (Barry/Greenwich)
The Dixie Cups (New Orleans)     RedBird (006A)     1964

“So Long” (George Davis)
The Jelly Beans (New Jersey)     RedBird (003B)     1964


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