Marc Benno (1971) Minnows (LP)

Marc Benno Minnows 

A&M 4303

Produced by David Anderle

engineered by Bruce Botnick
*** noteworthy 
Likely the best offering from this Texas musician, likely for several reasons, including the people who helped create this set of low key bluesy material, including four great guitarists: Clarence White, Jesse Ed Davis, Bobby Womack, and Jerry McGee.

Of course, Benno himself deserves credit for the quality of this set, as he writes all of the songs, sings and plays several instruments–guitar, piano, organ, and marxophone. Perhaps mostly importantly, Benno (fresh from playing on the Doors’ L.A. Woman album) exhibits a frailty that only shows up this album.

While Ambush, the follow up to this album, was likely his most successful commercially speaking, this is the one that comes closest to a timeless classic.

— winch

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