Gary Brooker (1982) Lead Me To The Water (LP) Mercury (SRM-1-4954)

Gary Brooker

Lead Me To The Water

Mercury (SRM-1-4954)


Written and produced by Brooker

*** (noteworthy)


You don’t expect much from an aging rocker (almost 40!) backed with lots of English superstars from the previous two decades (Harrison, Collins, Clapton, Albert Lee, Mel Collins, to name a few)–but this ends up an enjoyable set.

Some of the elements are stamped with the 80s–which listeners will likely find either annoying or interesting– but the sound is very much in the Procol Harum tradition, except here the heaviness of that group is replaced with a lighter pop feel.  This isn’t as drenched in organ, but since Brooker doesn’t seem to be purposely distancing himself from his previous band,  the difference between Procol Harum and this set certainly has something do to with the contributions of the band members on this album.  Fortunately these musicians control their egos, and their contributions are part the compositions rather than an excuse to show off.  This clearly remains Brooker’s album.

This was Brooker’s second solo album, and apparently this is his best.  For fans of this singer/keyboard player or his previous band, this is worth a listen.

— winch

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