Silvetti (1977) The Sensuous Sound of Silvetti: Spring Rain (LP) Salsoul (SZS 5516)


The Sensuous Sound of Silvetti: Spring Rain

Salsoul (SZS 5516)

Arranged and Conducted by Bebu Silvetti

Produced by Rafael Trabucchelli

Tom Moulton Mix

*** noteworthy

Argentine pianist/producer Bebu Silvetti had time on his side with disco in full swing and before the disco-sucks movement had had much time to gather their thoughts, and Silvetti found success right from the beginning with the disco instrumental “Spring Rain,”a cut featured both on his debut LP and this second set.  The version for this set is likely a remix or a re-recorded offering.  This is followed by the equally compelling “Primitive Man,” where the group sinks a little deeper into the groove.  Much of the rest of this instrumental set is designed for when the lights are turned down low, either on the dancefloor, the waterbed, or in the rear quarters of your custom van.


While nothing quite matches the first two cuts, it’s a consistent set and obviously a notch or two above most of the disco competition, Silvetti’s style clearly not from the United States or Europe.  While this may be too restrained from some, most fans of disco should at the very least give this long player a drive around the block.


— winch

author of Kalamazoo: Growing Up Sideways in the 1970s



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