Eddie Costa & Vinnie Burke Trio (1956) S/T (LP) Josie 3509 (1962 reish of Jubilee JLP 1025)

“Oh this is delightful,” my woman says when she steps into my den.  Typically, she’s walking into a vroom of high-octane punk rock, deep funk or some crazy-ass shit that just makes her grin, shake her head and head the other way, but this album she found “dignified but cheerful.”  Indeed, laid-back but swinging, peaceful but never boring, serious but thoroughly enjoyable, playful and seriously good, like a good woman telling you it’s time to come in for dinner, like a belt of whiskey on a Saturday evening.


While the original 1956 has a much better sleeve design, ultimately it’s the grooves that count…and these grooves do count.


— winch (author of…winch’s books)

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