Daniel Amos (1978) Horrendous Disc (LP) Solid Rock Records 2011 (1981)

Daniel Amos
Horrendous Disc
Solid Rock 2011
Released in 1981

Rating:*** (Noteworthy)

For this album, this God-rock outfit moves completely away from its original hillbilly-rock sound, this set obviously coming from the same place as E.L.O., Steely Dan, 10cc, Badfinger,…from Sgt. Pepper.

The first side starts out strong, rocking without going overboard, dragging a bit as it progresses, but fairly solid to the end, a Beatles-style ballad effectively closing the side.  Unfortunately, they don’t pull the slack out on the flip side.  “On The Line” sounds like Steely Dan, “Man on the Moon” sounds like E.L.O., and the other cuts sound like filler.

While this is a varied set, the stronger cuts make this one of the more interesting and enjoyable God rock albums.  It was recorded in 1978 for Maranatha!
Records, but not released until Larry Norman picked it up for his Solid Rock label in the early 80s.

— winch


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