Bruce Springsteen (1978) Darkness on the Edge of Town (LP) Columbia

Bruce Springsteen
Darkness on the Edge of Town
Columbia (USA)
recommended *****
Springsteen’s 4th album, released June ’78 (US & UK), reached #5 (#16 in the UK).  
This album came nearly three years after Born to Run but it was worth the wait.  The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle had served as a bridge between Greetings… and Born to Run, and this serves as a bridge between Born to Run and Nebraska.  Those five albums were Springsteen’s best work.  

If some dismiss or misunderstand Bruce as painting a nostalgic or optimistic vision of America, they need to listen to the grim tales in these grooves.  There are hints of hope but mostly this reveals the nightmarish side of the American Dream.  The name of the album does more than just point out the title track; it also calls out a theme that runs through the entire collection of songs.


While I might find it hard to respect folks who love Springsteen, it’s impossible for me to respect people who don’t. This is another
 essential sets for any respectable fan.

— Winch

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