Jean Chaine & his Ulterior Lux (1985) Distant Sun (LP) Keta Music KM-269

Jean Chaine
& his Ulterior Lux
Distant Sun
Keta Music KM-269
recorded September – October 1984

Rating:**** (Recommended)

Enjoyable set of avant-garde jazz, or as the sleeve calls it: avant-classic, Chaine’s electric bass dominating the selections but plenty of other sounds, cello and percussion, Rob Schuh contributing drums on one selection, Dimthings offering his drumming to another, most cuts featuring only Chaine, the leader using electric guitar on one selection, recorder, tube horn, and voice on another.

While this clearly fits into the avant garde category, Chaine keeps a bassline running through most of the album, surrounds the avant-garde rhythms with electric and acoustic sounds, most of the rhythms showing third-world influences but stirring the improvisations until the influences are unrecognizable, almost like mixing the free-flowing style of Oregon with the instrumental ramblings of the Residents.

Definitely worthwhile for fans of avant garde, and even folks who find that style too much to swallow might dig some of these selections.

— winch

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