Roxy Music: Siren (LP) 1975

Roxy Music
Atco 127 
released October 1975 (US & UK), reached #50 (#4 in UK)
recommended ****

While Eno likely deserves more credit than given, considering he produced the essential albums by Devo and the Talking Heads, Roxy Music was able to stay strong after Eno split, something that even Eno himself admits.  Meanwhile, Ferry had already launched his solo career, but that doesn’t seem to distract his attention from this set.




While many artists of the late ’70s foreshadow the ’80s (with of course, the previously mentioned Eno playing a big part), Roxy Music was creating the ’80s in the early ’70s.  This album, perhaps more than the previous albums, reveals this fact.




While they’d been huge in their homeland since the beginning (with all five albums reaching the top 10), by this time, they had found an audience in the states.  This is also the time they decided it was time to call it quits.  Their last single (“Love is the Drug” from this set) was their first US hit.

— winch



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