Boney M. (1978) Nightflight to Venus (LP)

Boney M.
Nightflight to Venus

Sire SRK 6062

Produced by Frank Farian

Noteworthy *** 


Farian and the girls continue to push their disco into uncharted territory with this 1978 release, what could certainly be coined progressive disco.  While it comes out of Munich, it’s certainly one of a kind.

They open the set with the rather silly title track, blasting off to outer space, and then without a pause, landing the ship back to Earth and remaining there for the rest of the set, scouring the centuries and decades for material, offering a song about Rasputin and another about a Steppenwolf, territory more common for a progressive-rock outfit.  They again offer some unique covers, Creation’s 1967 hit “The Painter,” Roger Miller’s “King of the Road,” and Neil Young’s “Heart of Gold.”

As with their previous set, they mix the Munich Euro-disco sound with sounds from around the globe, tapping into the music from the West Indies–the birthplace of the female singers–with “Rivers of Babylon” and the lovable “Brown Girl in the Ring,” the two numbers released as a two-sided single that would become one of the biggest selling records of all time, in the U.K. and other European countries at least.  They also broke through to the U.S. market with this album.

While this is all disco, they certainly stretch the genre into new territories.  This doesn’t outdo their previous album, but it again features Frank Farian’s multi-layered productionand strong vocals by the girls.  It likely won’t disappoint fans of disco.

— winch (author of …


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