Girl Group 1962

girl group
Classic sides

s e l e c t i v e
(selected by winch)


“Everybody Loves a Lover” (The Shirelles)
The Shirelles (New Jersey)     1962

“I Love You” (The Kittens)
“He’s My Guy” (The Kittens)
The Kittens (Detroit)     [Demo]     1962

“I’m Blue” (Ike Turner)
The Ikettes     Atco (6212A)     1962

“Let Me In” (Y. Baker)
The Sensations (Philadelphia)     Chess (CH-004)     1962

“Tears of Sorrow” (The Primette)
The Primettes (Detroit)     Lupine     1962

“Tell Him” (Bert Berns)
The Exciters (New York)     United Artists (WA544)     1962

“All The Love I’ve Got” (Holland/Bradford/Gordy)
The Marvelettes (Detroit)     Tamla (54060B)     1962

“Beechwood” (Gaye/Stevenson/Gordy)
“Someday, Someway” (Holland/Dozier/Gorman)
The Marvelettes (Detroit)     Tamla (54065)     1962

“Chains” (Goffin/King)
The Cookies (New York)     Dimension (102A)     1962

“Do Something Crazy” (Etta James)
Etta James (Los Angeles)     Kent (370A)     1962

“Holiday Hill” (Sheldon/Leon)
The Orions (Philadelphia, USA)     Cameo (218B)     1962.

“Here Comes The Hurt” (St. John)
Gayle Harris     Carlton (584)     1962

“He’s a Rebel” (Pitney)
The Crystals (Brooklyn)     Phillies     1962

“There’s No Other (Like My Baby)” (Bates/Spector)
The Crystals (Brooklyn)     Phillies     1962

“Oh Yeah, Maybe Baby” (Spector/Hunter)
The Crystals (Brooklyn)     Phillies     1962

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