Waterfront Blues Fest 2013

waterfront blues fest 2013
far away from the main south stage, to the north of the lawn-chair people, no offense to them, relaxing on their day off, but this year the powers that be went too far and took away the dance floors at two stages, but at the back porch stage you can still get down, and reach up and shake a hand, thank a man or a lady for coming to town, where no jive-ass turkey is pushing you back so they can kiss the media’s ass, where the media passes can’t be found because they’re off taking photos somewhere else, where the real deal is coming down, where the good-time people meet to have a good time and dance their asses off, where they still remember what it’s all about.

from louisiana
    Chubby carrier & the bayou swamp



Karl denson’s tiny universe

from louisiana
   lil’ wayne & the same ol’ 2-step


      from north carolina 
        nikki hill

— winch

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