Stevie Wonder: Hotter Than July (LP) 1980

Stevie Wonder
Hotter Than July
Producer: Stevie Wonder
Rating: **** (Recommended)
Released October 1980, reached #3 (#2 in UK)
This set doesn’t match the albums from his classic 1970s era, but it’s certainly stronger than most of the sets that followed this album.  While a few cuts don’t stand up to the high standard he had created, many of the cuts are classic Stevie.
If you’re starting with this set, work your way back from here.  While the sleeve points out that Motown was celebrating 20 years as a label in 1980, it doesn’t mention that Wonder had released about 20 albums in that time.
— winch
(author of Kalamazoo: Growing Up Sideways in the 1970s)

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