Heatwave: Central Heating (LP) 1978

Central Heating
Epic 35260(GTO in the UK)
Producer: Barry Blue
Rating: **** (Recommended)
This international outfit keeps it rolling with this second set, again using producer Barry Blue and following the format established with the debut, opening with three funky cuts, slowing down for a soul number to close the side.  The flipside also mirrors the debut, features three soul cuts and two dance cuts.  And it’s not just the format that mirrors the debut, the quality of the material matches the debut as well.  While this didn’t have “Boogie Nights,” it did have “The Groove Line.”
Of course, although the similarities are clear, this second set wasn’t a copycat.  While Temperton wrote all the songs for the debut, on this set lead vocalist/founding member Johnnie Wilder contributes “Happiness Togetherness” and “Mind Blowing Decisions” which are actually stronger than Temperton’s soul numbers.  (Plus this sleeve has the photo with the band members sporting those cool sweaters.)

While the first album was a promising start, this second set kept the promise.  (Unfortunately, the band would soon splinter, and this would be their final essential outing.)
— winch
(author of Kalamazoo: Growing Up Sideways in the 1970s)

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