Good Shit Zine Issue #2

Good Shit
Issue #2
Fall 2012
(electronic robotic version of zine)

here’s some shows since we last met:

dirt-cheap good shit

16 bands: $10  

Once a year, portland actually gets some good bands with the blues fest.  the way they police the event is always annoying, encouraging people to sit in lounge chairs and harassing anybody acting normal–dancing and having a good time, but this year they went too far, only in oregon, only allowing you on the dirt dance floor if you’re a photographer, policing the area below the stage.  “I’m just doin’ my job.”
    “That don’t make it right.”  
    “I’m just a volunteer.”
    “Uh-huh.”  That just makes it worse.  I go to the other stage, check out maceo Parker.  
     suddenly it’s the greatest day of the year.
    Maceo Parker    

After that, the rebirth brass bandfrom New orleans keeps it rollin’, keepin’ it real.  Then it’s over to the smallest stage where you catch the best shows.  Each act is limited to about 60 minutes so there’s no reason to hold back.  I’d gladly pay a ten spot for any of these three bands.  You couldn’t possibly not dance for every second all of three sets, chubby carrier & bayou swamp finishing off the night. 

  the  bayou  swamp 
(new Orleans)

July 2
20 bands: $6

 chubby  carrier  


      rosie ledet      
 & the zydeco playboys 

the next few days, the fest continued, ivan neville and fireworks…buddy guy and cheap eats…riding my bike along the river in the warmth of the day, see the shows and get the clearance grub at the end of the festivities, pedal home in the cool of night, back to the blues the next day, great stuff but no photos, what can i say, too busy dancing with my ladies. 

and coming up next the garage rock @ the east end in portland, oregon,  8 bucks, 4 bands…

 cheap time          


                 Davila 666
(puerto rico) 

As the day dies, the fever creeps up on me.  I rarely get sick so I’m a real wimp when I do, thinking I’m dying or something, maybe got bit by one of those black widows i found living next to my bed, but I’ve never seen either of these bands, figure they came a long ways, the least I can do is drive down to the local dive, maybe sweat out this sickness, sure sounds better than sitting at home feeling sorry for myself, show up just in time, cheap time just getting started, the venue just a basement bar, narrow like the inside of a bus, packed with people like a VW in the fifties.  I spot ryder in the crowd, down a cold one with him and … Cheap time is great, more than worth the price of admission, but Davila came all the way from puerto rico, a garage band from the west indies, can’t miss that, make my way to the front.  The stage is crowded for a three-piece band, but these guys brought along twice that, crowd together so close I can reach out and pat them on the backs.  I don’t think they speak english but they get my drift, launch into the jams.  This woman links her arm with mine, and we push the boring people to the back.  Pretty soon, I’m sardined with about a devil dozen dancing dames, having ourselves the times of our lives, my disease just making me feel dizzy and happy, sweating it out on the floor, the place baking with summer heat, the band cooking with gas.

      davila 666      

When it’s done, I thank the band for coming all that way, make my way out down the sidewalk, find myself sleeping in my car the next morning.

by midweek, the sickness gets worse, but I scored a new used digital camera, got it for 2 bucks at the thrift store, way outdated and quite killer, and I’ve already got my tickets to see charles bradley, arrive in time to catch the act that caught my eye in the first place, the legendary guitarist dennis coffey, the man from motown, a michigander in oregon, gotta go see him, get inside and make my way to the stage.  It’s an old boring oregon crowd, people sitting in seats but that just gives me and the ladies more room to move.  I’m a little outa my element with the sickness but the two girls next to me provide the inspiration to quit feeling sorry for myself, mr. coffey helping out, soon enough launching into his classics “theme from black belt jones” and “scorpio.”  That’s all I needed to hear, that alone worth the price of admission.

      dennis  coffey    

   charles bradley    

and speaking of 60’s guitar rock:

 the ventures ’63 

This is another picture of the world the beatles ruined when they landed in America with their water-down version of american R & b. 
  Or I should blame americans for having such crappy taste in tunes.  I thought there was a reason we had the revolutionary war, but I guess dimwits had forgotten about all that by 1964.  Anyway, I can fit all the good tunes of even some good groups on one tape, but the ventures filled a whole tape with just one year, four albums in one year.  they rule.  If you like the ventures and wanna look at the discography go to   

 Or if you don’t like the Ventures, that’s okay.  it just means you’re a dimwitted idiot.

well, the cold weather’s on us, so snuggle up and watch some flicks.  Your spouse is tired of listening to you talk so turn on the teevee, go see a movie at the drive-in.  Everybody probably knows that they stopped making good movies adfter the 30’s but here’s a few that ain’t a complete waste of time:

The 21st Century
 Good Flicks 


28 Days Later


(England 2002)


Limey Danny Boyle made some truly awful movies, that one about herion hipsters jumping trains, and that Bollywood crap that won the Oscar, and the sci-fi one about sunshine…but this one is great, a new take on the zombie flick.





The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada
(USA 2005)
Texan Tommy Lee Jones was great in the 70s, on that soap One Life to Live, and in those movies Jackson County Jail and Rolling Thunder, but what has he done since then?  He made this movie. 

Children of Men
(England 2006)

I know, everyone hates that smug limey in the lead role but that’s part of the point.  All the characters are just…   Most movies made after 1975 don’t even ask questions.  With this is a flick you not only have to answer questions, you have to ask them.

Let the Right One In
(Foreign Language 2008)

Violent coming-of-age movie from some other country that ain’t America, set in the early 80s.  The neighbor girl has the odd habit of drinking…

That’s it, the only good movies made this century.  Here’s some others I’d recommend:




United States

O Brother Where Art Thou
(USA 2000)
Are the Coen Bros. the only Americans that still make decent movies?  Forget reading the Odyssey, just watch this movie again.

You Can Count on Me
(USA 2000)
Watch it with your sister.

The Man Who Wasn’t There


(USA 2001)


Are the Coen Bros. the only Americans that still make decent movies?  Forget about reading the Odyssey again, just watch this movie.



Sexy Beast
(England 2001)
Like other English crime flicks from this era, this is stylistic, but unlike those other annoying flicks, this one knows something about pacing. 

Donny Darko
(USA 2001)
That ET chick should have stayed in the dressing room, but there’s enough originality and tension to keep it interesting. Grab the popcorn.

About Schmidt


(USA 2002)


I know, a Hollywood flick with Jack Nicholson after the 70s…but I liked it.  It’s kinda the opposite of his road flicks of the 70s, and yet it’s kinda part of that.  



Dawn of the Dead
(USA 2004)
Why would someone remake the 1978 classic zombie by Romero?  This answers that question.

A History of Violence
(Canada 2006)

Cronenberg always keeps me interested.

No Country For Old Men
(USA 2007)
Are the Coen Bros. the only Americans…

Eastern Promises
(Canada 2007)

Cronenberg always keeps me interested.  More violence.

The Wrestler
(USA 2008)
This director made some awful movies, but I liked this one.

District 9
(England 2009)

Star Trek


(USA 2009)

TeeVee sci-fi!

The Road


(USA 2009)

Is this movie too grim? some asked.  What a bunch of dipshits, this is Post nuclear holocaust!  This ain’t the Road Warrior, this is what happens when you’re not nice to Mother Nature.

Foreign-language flicks


The Man Without a Past
Middle aged man goes to Helsinki, loses his memory.  Entertaining and interesting.

I’m Not Scared


(Italy 2003)


Set in rural Italy in 1978, told through the eyes of a ten-year-old boy who finds something hidden in a big hole.  


(German 2005)
Do we really need another movie about Nazis?  If it stars Bruno Ganz as Hitler, the answer is yes.
BeoWulf and Grendel

Sarah Polley knows how to pick them, survives Dawn of the Deadand gets a part in this flick.  If you don’t like foreign movies, watch that awful Shrek version.  Or stick a pointed stick in your eye.

Broken Flowers

An American foreign flick by Jim Jarmusch.

Chop Shop



Foreign flick from NYC, the story of a 12 year old boy and his sister that makes you realize how fake almost all movies are.  Not a happy story. 


The Orphanage

Spanish movie.  Supernatural drama/thriller.  Other then a few gory moments, it would qualify as a family picture.

Goodbye Solo

Another foreign movie from NYC.  Americans might be disappointed with the non-Hollywood presentation, but this is another worthwhile viewing, takes the old cliche makes it completely fresh.  Made by the same guy that made Chop Shop.



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